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Saturday 14 May 2011

Web Development

It should come as no surprise that the technology being used to build the Web applications uses higher level languages ranging from PHP to MySQLASP to MsSQLJSPCFM etc. We will basically throw more light on PHP and MySQL because is powered by the LAMP.
When put together, PHP and MySQL offer a compelling framework framework in which in which you can develop powerful and flexible Web applications. The reason they work well together is that each provides a comprehensive part of the Web development tookit. In building any Web application, the first thing you need is some form of language in which to write dynamic pages and create features to handle dates, process data, connect to resources, manage users, and perform other tasks. PHP steps up to solve these problems. PHP is an incredibly flexible language with a huge array of functionality for solving common Web development challenges. The second requirement is to have somewhere to store the oodles of data that you will be displaying, updating, removing, modifying, and otherwise showing off. MySQL provides reliable and easy-to-use database for you.
PHP is a popular high-level scripting language used by a range of organizations and developers. Originally developed as a small perl project by Rasmus Lerdorf in late 1995, PHP was introduced as a means to assist in developing his home page, and as such he named it Personal Home Page (PHP) Tools. When Lerdorf was contracted to work for the university of toronto to build a dial-up system for students to access the internet, he had no means of connecting websites to databases. To solve this problem, he replaced hisPerl code with a C wrapper that added the capability to connect his webpages to a MySQL database. As his small project grew, he gave away his changes on the internet as an Open source Project and cordially received improvementsfrom other programmers with an interest in PHP. The language was later renamed to the current recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor by Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans after they re-wrote the parser in 1997. The software continued to develop and now forms the comprehensive PHP platform we know today.
PHP provides a solid and well-defined programming language that includes support for object-oriented programming, conditions, file handling, arithmetic and more. The language that PHP forms is similar in semantics to that of a SHELL scripting language combined with the easier bits of the C language.
PHP subscribes to the batteries-included philosophy of programming languages and includes extensive support for a huge range of needs, such as cookies, forms, sessions, include files, network sockets, email,LDAPIRC, and more. database support covers not only MySQL, but many others, including PostgreSQL,OracleMsSQLdBaseSybase, and DB2
MySQL is powerful and comprehensive relational database server, which was originally developed by David Axmark, Allan Larsson, and Michael "Monty" Widenius. The commercial company they founded, MySQL AB, develops and markets MySQL and associated products. Although the MySQL software originated as an open source project, its creators were confident that they could run a business using the product as a base. This enables them work full time on the software. MySQL has enjoyed enormous popularity, and its customers include Yahoo! Finance,, Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics, and Texas Instruments.


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